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"From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord!"

(attributed to the prayers of monks of the English monasteries plundered by Viking raids in the 8th and 9th centuries)


Bassi inn fiskni Einarrson

Age: 56 years
Born: about 998 AD
Place:  ReykjavikI, on the isle of Islandia
Occupation: A Rus Guardsman for the current King of Novgarod on the Dniper River trade route.

I was born just south of the ancient city of ReykjavikI, on the isle of Islandia. I was the third son born onto Einarr a peasant farmer.  My farther was a farmer and was unable to travel because of injuries he suffered from his Viking days of his youth. After returning from his Viking travels he struggled to hack out a meek existence for our family from the shallow rocky soil of Iclandia. My farther was unable to provide any money to my brothers and I to be able to go on travels of our own. So we began working as ship builders to earn the money to pay for the trip on outgoing ships bound for lands to the south.

I had heard great tales from warriors returning from the southern outposts and seen first hand the riches they had. This created a great lust within me. I wanted part of those riches, I wanted the glory it gave it gave to those warriors. I would go south to find my fame and glory, this was my calling. I would seek out a ship heading south to outposts along Dnipper River and seek my fame and riches.

The River was a large and wide river, full of fish. Its banks were crawling with valued fur animals, but more importantly, the area was covered with vast stretches of timber needed to build our long ships. A Norseman would do well harvesting and selling these riches alone, but I wanted more. I wanted part of the riches I saw merchants returning home with to Iclandia. The only thing that would satisfy my lust would be  GOLD & SILVER.

My travels led me to the city of Novgorad, a city long held by Norseman and a major stop for trade along the Dniper river. The name Novgorad means "New City, and a great chieftain was sent to rule and over this new land. His name was "Rurik" His decendents would rule this great city for the next 750 years. The lands were highly disputed over and suffered many attacks from the "Magyar" from the west and "Mongols" from the east. Many warriors were sent to Novgorod to protect its boundaries. The re-enforcements sent there were called "Varangians" and made up a force to became known as the Varangian Guard. I was to become one of these paid mercenaries and serve the great king "Rurik".

The "Varangians" used Novgorod as a stationing port to support excursions down into the Black Sea and on to the richest city in the world "Constantinople!


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A 10th Century Norwegian Bed-
A 10th Century Norwegian Bed

York Style Viking Shoes-York Style Viking Shoes
York Style Viking Shoes

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Viking Scramasax

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Viking Pouch

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