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"From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord!"

(attributed to the prayers of monks of the English monasteries plundered by Viking raids in the 8th and 9th centuries)


In In the SCA I am known as Bassi inn fiskni Einarsson. The name can be interpreted as "A bear like person, good at fishing, son of Einarr.

NOTE: Documentation is at the bottom of the page.

I attended my first SCA meeting in 2002 after my local chapter helped me do a medieval fair event I was involved with in Lewisville N.C. I asked the members  of Crois Brigte if I could go to events or demonstrations with them to first see if I wanted to be part of this thing they called the SCA. They told me I could go with them to there next event and that I didn't have to be a member to go with them but I had to make an attempt to dress in what they called garb (period clothing) and they needed to address me by a period name instead of my real life name. They also suggested that I choose a name that went with a persona I might be portraying. OK all this seemed easy enough!

So I set out to investigate who and what I wanted to be when I went with them. At a very young age I saw the movie "The Vikings" staring Kirk Douglas and was enchanted by the image of these fierce men from the north. During High School my infatuation of the warriors was even deepened because our mascot was a Viking. As I became a pro football fan I picked a team I liked and watched there every game, which I do to this day. Having grown up in the Los Angeles basin I was of course expected to be a L. A. Ram fan. Well they sucked during my high school days, and besides I wanted to be different, not run with the crowd. So I picked a team that was in the run for the super bowl. The Minnesota Vikings!

With images of Vikings always popping up during my youth it was a natural choice for me to choose the persona of a Viking as my own persona in the SCA. I now new what persona I wanted to be and set out to find a name to go with it.

One of the matriarchs of our canton Baroness Sine ni Dheaghaidh, suggested a few names like Snori and Erik and some name I forgot that meant a mouse like person. I didn't care much about those suggestions, but then she said "Bassi". I said I liked the sound of that and asked her what it meant. She explained that she thought it meant "Bear" or bear like person. Being of large statue myself I thought Bassi would work perfectly and choose "Bassi" as my first name. Sine also mentioned that it was often customary for fellow Vikings to give descriptive bynames to someone that reflected a personal trait like Erik the "Red" or "Bluetooth. I liked that idea and while researching Old Norse names for a period description for Bassi I ran up on a byname that fit me so well I just had to include it in my name. The byname was "inn fiskni" which means a person good at fishing. I have been fishing as a sport and pastime ever sense my dad took me on my first fishing trip in the San Gabriel Mountains of southern California. I love fishing and I often fish bass tournaments here in the triad piedmont area where I now live in North Carolina. So I adopted "inn fiskni" into my name.

Now all I had to do was pick a last name. Having no Scandinavian ties with my real last name of Ray I simply looked for a name that I liked and sounded good with Bassi. inn fiskni. I came across the name of Einarr. I liked the sound of it and It went well with the first part of my name AND IT WAS DOCUMENTABLE! So I picked Einarr. I also discovered Viking children often retained there fathers first name followed by the designation of "son" for a male child and "dottir" for a female child thus my last name became "Einarrson" which means son of Einarr.

There you have it "Bassi inn fiskni Einarrson" or when interpreted means: Bear like person good at fishing, son of Einarr


People are always destroying the pronunciation of my name especially heralds! Go figure! I will try and give you an idea of how it is pronounced. Ba (like in ba ba black sheep) ssi (as in sea) Ba-sea. inn ( in) fiskni (fisk knee) Einarsson ( I-nar-son) the einarsson is said quickly so it sounds like double ss's. So it it supposed to be pronounced something like this. Ba sea in fisk knee I nar son


Bassi - This name occurs as both a personal name and a by-name, Found in Old Danish and OW. Norse as Bassi and in Old Swedish as Basse. Nordisk runnamnslexikon suggests that the derivation is from OW.Norse bassi "wild boar", although the Cleasby-Vigfusson Old Icelandic Dictionary has bassi as "bear." Found in the runic nominative form b(a)si. GB p. 8 s.n. Bassi; NR s.n. Bassi

Byname (inn fiskni)
Bynames were often given to someone by there fellow viking friends to poke fun at a persons traits or habits. vExamples: andvaka ("awake"), barnakarl ("child's man, no killer of children"), blígr ("staring, gazing"), dengir ("scythe-sharpener"), eldboðungr ("fire-bidder"), inn fiskni ("good at fishing"), gapi ("yawner"), gjallandi ("shrieking"), gnúpa ("crouch, stoop"), hófleysa ("excess, intemperance"), karpi ("braggart"), ofsi ("arrogant, tyrannical"), inn skjálgi ("squinting"), stígandi ("stepper, strider"), ■ausnir ("romper, rager"), etc.

Einarr - The name comes from *Aina-harjaR and is directly related to einherjar, the word for the warriors in Valhöll. One of the most common names in Iceland and Norway from the earliest times. Also found in Denmark as the runic inscriptions æinar, ennar and in Danish Latin sources as Enarus. Anglo-Scandinavian forms include Ainar, Eineri. The name Einarr occurs in many sagas. Landnámabók lists several men named Einarr, including Einarr Kleppsson ch. 15; Einarr Teitsson ch. 24; Einarr Sigmundarson (Lón-Einarr, Einarr from Lónland) ch. 28; Einarr skálaglamm ("tinkle-scales, concerned with hard cash") ch. 32; Einarr Ëspaksson ch. 32; Einarr Ketilsson ch. 38; Einarr Knjúksson ch. 46; Einarr Helguson ch. 70; Einarr Kónalsson ch. 73; Torf-Einarr jarl (an earl or chieftain) ch. 74; Einarr Rögnvaldsson jarls (son of Jarl Rögnvaldr) ch. 74; Einar Berg■órsson ch. 75; Einarr Magnússon ch. 83; Einarr Guðrúnarson ch. 84 (this is a matronymic, he is known by his mother's name); Einar Steinólfsson ch. 98, etc. Einars ■áttr Skúlasonar has the title character, Einarr Skúlason. He is also mentioned in Magnúss saga blinda og Haralds gilla. Ůórsteins ■áttr Síðu-Hallssonar has Einarr Ůórsteinsson. Ůorsteins saga hvíta has Einarr Ůórisson. Sneglu-Halla ■áttr has Einarr fluga ("the murderer"). Grænlendinga ■áttr has Einarr Sokkason. Hrafns ■áttr Guðrúnarsonar has Einarr, a warrior of the local chieftain. Eiríks saga rauða and Bárðar Saga Snæfelsáss have Einarr Sigmundarson. Haralds saga gráfeldar has Einarr skálaglamm. Hrafnkels saga Freysgoða has Einarr Ůórbjarnarson.
GB p. 9 s.n. Einarr; FJ pp. 75, 343, 348 s.nn. Einarr, Ei-, Ein-, -arr; NR s.nn. -arr

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