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"From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord!"

(attributed to the prayers of monks of the English monasteries plundered by Viking raids in the 8th and 9th centuries)

Guest Book

Bjorn Grimketill Tuesday January 11, 2011
Friend Bassi, you set an amazing table, diet be damned. It was worth the three hour drive to meet the two of you and enjoy an evening in your home.
From: Atlantia, Nottinghill Coill
Arnora Olafsdottir Tuesday January 11, 2011
Hey Bassi : Love the website. I came, I saw, I stole a picture for the WoW site :
Robyn o Dearg Sunday February 7, 2010
Great looking site Bassi.
From: Crois Brigte
Till Campbell Tuesday October 20, 2009
I love the website, My household are working on a viking encampment over the winter. I guess I will be stopping in again. o I will look you up at the next event we are at.
From: Hickory
Lady Aine Tuesday October 20, 2009
It's looking good. I'll see what pics I can come up with for you.
From: Crois Brigte
Brian Sinclaire Tuesday October 20, 2009
Very nice site Bassi. I have a few shots of you in your encampment. I just have to figure out how to get them on-line.
From: Crois Brigte
Arnora Monday October 19, 2009
LOVE it!! I might have to steal some elements for my own website :
From: Gastonia
Jason Monday October 19, 2009
Excellent job!
From: Charlesbury Crossing
Lorelei Monday October 19, 2009
Bassi, I like your site. Well done so far. Can't wait to see it completed.
From: Kernersville NC
SCA Projects


A 10th Century Norwegian Bed-
A 10th Century Norwegian Bed

York Style Viking Shoes-York Style Viking Shoes
York Style Viking Shoes

Viking Scramasax-Viking Scramasax
Viking Scramasax

Viking Pouch-Viking Pouch
Viking Pouch

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