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"From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord!"

(attributed to the prayers of monks of the English monasteries plundered by Viking raids in the 8th and 9th centuries)

A 10th Century Norwegian Bed

SCA Projects > A 10th Century Norwegian Bed

A 10th Century Norwegian Bed-
A 10th Century Norwegian Bed

Pictured above is a bed I made for my encampment in 2006. It is based upon an actual bed that was found in a ship burial mound near Oslo Norway. I found plans for the bed in an article on the internet titled "A 10th Century Norwegian Bed" by Charles. Oakley, Esq shown below.


Photo of Bed found in Gokstad Burial

The bed can be made with materials found at you local your local homecenters. The original bed used a sack stuffed with straw or other soft materials for the mattress. Although period this was not an option. I did not want to go this far in keeping period by smelling like a hay loft wehen I woke up. So I made changes to the dementions of the bed plan to fit a modern futon foam mattress. I also used a sheet of plywood cut to fit the inside of the frame and lay it on top of the slats for better support. You never see the plywood once the bed is made up so it appears to be totally period. Other than these changes the bed is an exact replica of the original bed found at the Gokstad site.

I have used this bed at every event we camp at for the last three years. It breaks down easily and is easy to pack up. It supports my wife and I very comfortable. Who says that medieval camping has to be "PRIMITIVE"


The dementions I went by were those of Charles. Oakley, Esq. I can not say if these are the same as the Gokstad bed found in Oslo Norway but the design is real close to the original bed. The original bed was made of Beech wood, good luck finding some of this localy. I substituted beech for a more reliable source, good old pine. One could make a finer bed by using any hardwood like ash or oak but I wanted to keep it nice and simple...I think the Vikings of the period would approve!

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A 10th Century Norwegian Bed-
A 10th Century Norwegian Bed

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